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Why we offer free information

RemedyAP offers this information in the spirit of improving the quality of works related to the refurbishment or protection of concrete and steel assets for all. The documents we share are intended to provide the user with an awareness of the key risks allowing them to identify areas requiring additional controls, and where there is a skills gap in their organization we encourage the user to contact RemedyAP to provide services.

Conditions of use

RemedyAP has dedicated this work (except for logos and artwork), to the public domain. This work may be distributed and utilized, even for commercial purposes, without prior permission. Any portions, extractions, reference, or modification to this document shall be appropriately cited or attributed to Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP). Additional questions or inquiries can be directed to For any information reproduced in commercial or research material we ask you reward us through official citation as described in the below table;

Document Name Descriptions Official Citation
Specification RemedyAP-NCC-0620  
Coating Specification for New Exterior Steelwork A generic specification for exterior coating system on atmospherically exposed carbon steel in low to moderate corrosivity zones for commercial new-build construction projects. “Remedy Asset Protection, Specification RemedyAP-NCC-0620,”.
Understanding corrosion A whitepaper for architects and designers to understand corrosion risks during construction in areas with high Corrosivity such as coatsal areas or alongside pool side structures, RemedyAP- Whitepaper for Understanding Corrosion


These documents are written as a generic description offered free for the user. The information in these reports is intended for information only. Its use or distribution implies the user has reviewed and approved the information herein. The information is supplied under license and RemedyAP makes no warranties about the work, and disclaims liability for all uses of the work, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Use or citation of this document does not constitute an endorsement by RemedyAP of suitability to a specific structure or application. These documents are not to be used as a project-specific specification.