Our vision for Concrete Testing and Coating Inspection Services

Our vision is to provide detailed concrete testing coating inspection service duties in accordance with Asset Owners' specification & industry standards.

Our Corrosion inspection staff aim to attend sites in a manner to keep a project moving and any site-based issues are resolved using great interpersonal skills coupled with a great range of practical, problem-solving skills.

Our reports include a chronology of the concrete and coating survey and project detailing the good work performed whilst documenting any site-based issues and non-conformances that are all a part of the journey to good project delivery. Additionally, our detailed reports enable an easy reference to apply commercial warranties and defend against any potential failure analysis when problems occur.

Our skills in corrosion inspection, coating survey, concrete protection and consultancy is delivered in a proactive approach that aims to include all intermediaries, to collaborate, and apply great project delivery for the end user, the Asset Owner.

Generally, our services are engaged when;

  • Requested by an Asset Owner mostly through their project specification documents.
  • Requested by a Head Contractor either; to supplement their own in-house skills, or; in response to their Clients specification.
  • Requested by a fabricator or coatings contractor to enforce their internal quality control.

1. What is involved in our Inspection Report?


The requirement for inspection assumes there is a project document that specifies what are;

  • The desired project outcomes.
  • How the project is to be delivered in reference to Safety, Health, Environment & Quality.
  • What Standards are to be applied to meet these objectives.

This project document represents the Asset Owners (or their representative) interests and is required to enable good coating inspection services and programs.

The Inspectors Role

Our NACE coating inspectors' role should be established between the parties in a brief Position Statement that confirms;

  • What is the project & what is the specification?
  • Whose interest are we employed to protect?
  • Who we report to when site issues cannot be resolved & turn into non-conformances?
  • Are there any duties for the inspector, outside of the specification?

2. How Remedy can help you?

Many projects commence with a Project Manager and a Contractor along with a written quotation and a project warranty. Presumably everything should go well! However often it's the opposite.

It's the focus on project warranties that distracts a busy project manager from what they should focus on, being; Quality assurance!

Only Coatings Quality assurance is a proactive approach to great project delivery, warranty is a reactive and often insufficient method of controlling project quality.

Our services will provide you focus on concrete testing, and coatings quality assurance during the critical stages of a coatings project to inspect, test, observe and document each stage of the project. Our tasks can be summarized below;

Prestart works include;

  • A review of the project specification
  • A review of the Contractors project appraisal stages.
  • Align the Contractors quality documentation to match the specification requirements.

When these things are incomplete, RemedyAP can include a consultancy service to assess the;

  • Owners’ objectives
  • Develop a concrete repair and coating specification to meet these needs
  • Provide a brief Position Description for concrete testing and coating inspection duties.

Inspection duties

Depending on the specification, we are required to perform some or all of the following;

  • Inspect the pre-condition of the steel or concrete substrate.
  • Inspect the level of pre cleaning & surface preparation including Condition assessment of any potential contamination sources such as; compressed air, abrasive, salts, laitance or curing compounds.
  • Inspect concrete repair including resin injection, filling of surface voids, installation of control joints and resurfacing.
  • Inspect the application and dry film thickness of each coating layer.
  • Any elements that do not meet the specification standards are to be dealt with as per the inspectors' Position Description.

What you get from RemedyAP' Coating Inspection Services

Our Concrete Testing and Coating Inspection Service will provide you with a detailed Coating survey report including;

  • Project details & part numbers (if available).
  • Specification details & the coating or repair system used.
  • A chronology of the application detailing the good work performed whilst documenting any site-based issues and non-conformances that are all a part of the journey to good project delivery.
  • A photo diary for easy reference when you are communicating to others that have not been to site.
  • Reports will include daily observations written in a project chronology along with detailed test reports such as; Carbonation, Concrete Cover, Alkalinity, Resistivity, Compressive and Tensile Strength, Dry film thickness, Porosity testing, Adhesion testing, Surface profile testing, Coating hardness or Cure testing, Salt or Contamination testing and Ambient weather records.
  • References to pass/fail criteria for each test (garnered from the Specification) and a chronology of how remedial items (non-conformances) are closed out.
  • Supporting documentation.

On larger jobs this report will be issued in draft form through the project to enable good communication between all parties. A final revision will be issued following the Completion stage of the project.

Completion stage

Upon project completion;

  • We require final conformance of the Contractors works with the specification.
  • We require and verify the Contractors QA including; daily reports, Coating inspection & test plan, etc.
  • We will review the Contractors documentation again to ensure alignment with the specification & our testing and observations.
  • We will Issue a "Certificate of Inspection" accompanied by the "Final" copy of our report as detailed above.

3. Our Rates for you?

Contact Us to discuss your project and we will send our 'Consultancy and Inspection Services Agreement' for you.

  1. Corporate - Professional indemnity & public liability insurance. Office support including compliance & assurance.
  2. Site - PPE. Basic testing equipment & calibrations. Minor consumables. High risk certifications & licenses.

Our costs are usually recovered by the savings we achieve in;

  1. Preventing; poor workmanship, unsafe practices, disorganised planning, poor documentation.
  2. Providing; sound project appraisal, desired quality outcomes, and detailed corrosion inspection & reporting.
  3. Protecting and enhancing your reputation for great project delivery.

4. How do we get started?

To get started RemedyAP just needs your purchase order approving our rates.

From there we will send you information to explain what we require, such as;

  • The project specification and associated documents.
  • Site drawings or parts list and parts drawings.
  • A list of project intermediaries and contact details.
  • Advice to team members authorising RemedyAP to act on your behalf. We will send you an email template for your use.

With this information we can commence to contact the team members and get involved in the process.

5. What do you need to do throughout the process?

We have done these works many times before and aim to manage our tasks independently. We will ask you to advise the relevant parties of our involvement. We have a template email for you to adapt and use that includes; our role in the project, information for the Contractor on how we need to interface, mechanisms to deal with non-conformance.

We should only need your assistance when;

  • There is ambiguity in the specification that we can't resolve without your support.
  • There is a site issue that we have tried to resolve already & need your support to enforce the specification.

From here RemedyAP aims to be;

  • Proactive in providing inspections.
  • Collaborative in providing site-based solutions.
  • Thorough in providing reporting.


Concrete Protection and Protective Coatings Inspection projects involve many variables that need to be controlled. They occur in difficult locations and provide protection of concrete and steel from the corrosive environment. This structure is then to be in service for 40+ years. It is imperative that these protections are applied in strict accordance with the specifications and when added elements come together to hinder good application, the seemingly simple job becomes terribly difficult.

Our Concrete Testing and Coating Inspection services are an added cost however by being involved at the prestart stage of this project, we will minimise the risk of poor workmanship, delays and rework. We look forward to working with you on your next project & aim to provide you with the assurance that any project we are involved with will meet with your expectations.

Justin Rigby


Remedy Asset Protection


Term Description
Adhesion Refers to how well a coating sticks to the substrate.
Applicator The person or entity tasked with surface preparation & coating application
Asset Owner The person or entity that will be the end user of the structure IE. Water authority, Train operator, Factory owner, etc.
Coating An individual layer of paint.
Coating inspection Inspection of painted surfaces.
Consultancy Advice & research supplied in order to resolve any need.
Contractor The person or entity tasked with surface preparation & coating application
DFT Dry Film Thickness. This is a measurement of a coating thickness.
Fabricator The person or entity tasked with building the structure
Head Contractor The person or entity who is delivering a larger project to the Asset Owner. IE. The part we are inspecting is being supplied to the head contractor for installation in a larger project.
Inspector The person or entity performing inspection of works.
Porosity Refers to any micro gaps or holes in a coating.
Position description A position description is a formal document that summarizes the important functions of the job.
Specification A detailed description or assessment of requirements, dimensions, materials, etc.
Supplier The person or entity that is getting the item built. They are then selling it to the Asset Owner or Head Contractor.

Contact us to organise an inspection

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