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Remedy Asset Protection is a consultancy for Clients that require specialists in protection or refurbishment of concrete and steel assets to provide expert assistance within their own team structures, including; project advisory and independent auditing including coating inspection services.
coating inspector justin rigby

Justin Rigby

Managing Director

Corrosion Under Insulation
NACE Certified Coating Inspector - Level 3

  • Justin Rigby is the Principal at Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP).
  • Justin has extensive experience in the Protective Coatings industry developed over 25 years and is a NACE CIP lecturer and serves as Chairperson of two of the ACA’s Technical Groups. Holding a NACE coating inspection (CIP) level 3 certification and NACE cathodic protection (CP) level 1 certification.
  • Justin has authored a number of papers for publication in prestigious journals and has presented at international conferences and in Australia with regard to coatings technologies.
  • He has a passion for project delivery and his focus is on introducing efficiency and building team based strategies with enhanced performance and cost benefits for Clients and their suppliers.

Carl Riley

Carl Riley is a quality field auditor at Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP).

  • Carl Riley is a Quality Field Auditor at Remedy Asset Protection. Holding a NACE CIP level 2 certification, along with NACE Coating Inspection (CIP) Bridge inspection and NACE Corrosion Prevention & Control Management, Carl has over 19 years coating industry experience. Starting his career as an apprentice painter Carl went on receive a Certificate IV in Project Management, Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade (Surface Finishing) and a Painting Certification level 1,2 and 3.
  • Offering a unique combination of business-orientation and technical competency. Collective leadership and negotiating skills. Carl is a team player with exceptional time management skills and up to date knowledge of current coating systems and application methods.
quality field auditor Carl Riley
quality field auditor Andrew Tamulevicius

Andrew Tamulevicius

Andrew Tamulevicius is a quality field auditor at Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP).

  • Andrew is a Quality Field Auditor at Remedy Asset Protection, with over ten years industry experience and over 1500 hours rope access experience in all aspects of the protective coatings industry, applying Onshore/Offshore applications on various projects from a fast-paced yard environment to shutdowns on oil and gas, commissioning, operations, pipe lines, production, commercial and laboratory environments.
  • Holding certifications, including, but not limited to, NACE CIP Level 2, IRATA Level 2, AINDT UT Level 2 (Ultrasonic Testing) and a Certificate III in Laboratory Testing. Able to proficiently collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to monitor effectiveness of project plans and scope of work, and work with management to implement necessary changes, as well as complying with all relevant reporting and safety procedures.

Rachelle El Zein

Rachelle El Zein is a quality field auditor at Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP).

  • Rachelle is a Quality Field Auditor at Remedy Asset Protection. Initially starting out in the cement world, Rachelle now possesses over 10 years in the building maintenance industry and is NACE CIP level 1 certified. More recently Rachelle has held an operations management position in one of the coating industries largest commercial industrial painting companies.
  • Rachelle brings a unique skillset and discipline required for the inspection industry and has proven herself to be an essential part of Remedy Asset Protection.
  • Rachelle’s broad range of industry experience enables her to offer our clients expert project management and she is passionate about working with difficult projects and ensuring a smooth process for both the clients and the staff.
quality field auditor Rachelle El Zein