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in Australia

What Coating and Corrosion Inspection Services Do We Provide in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia? Now open in Tasmania, Victoria and Sydney.

We provide a fully comprehensive Nace coatings inspection that ensures protective coating is applied in accordance with your coatings specification.

This is important as without properly secured coating solutions owners of assets such as petroleum tanks, oil/gas pipelines, and sewerage treatment facilities are at risk.

It is important for people in these industries to understand the necessity of including Nace Coating inspections in their protective coating projects.

Protective coatings are designed to be long-lasting and it is important to have them inspected to ensure that this is the case. We support the corrosion control industry by offering Corrosion Inspection Services and provide thorough Corrosion Inspection and Corrosion Survey on your project to ensure that your coating is safe from damage and deterioration.


Project appraisal and consultation.


Condition assessment and survey or audit.


Development of a
? scope of works?
and detailed Repair and Coating Specification


Third party independent quality inspections including non-destructive testing and project reporting.

The Importance of Having Your Coating Inspected

As the owner of a project, it is important to have your coating inspected and analysed within NACE guidelines because if you leave your project open to corrosion it can be dangerous and also cost extra in repairs as the project?s coating deteriorates further.

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