Asset Owners in Australia - Coating Survey and Condition assessment

  • An "asset Owner" is the entity that owns or controls the asset.

  • On a construction or maintenance project there may be many intermediaries from the manager to engineering to head contractor & sub-contractors. Essentially the construction project has been initiated by the person or entity that requires the Asset. Thus all the intermediaries are working to meet the interests of the Asset Owner however onsite these intermediaries' also have self-interest in minimizing their costs, sometimes at the detriment to the Asset Owners interests.

  • RemedyAP's experience is across many industries, including oil refinery tank & pipelines, potable water tanks, sewerage treatment plants & pump stations, road & rail bridges.

  • As an Asset Owner or their representative, RemedyAP can help you enforce and align the interests of all the intermediaries' and swing the pendulum back towards the interests of the Asset Owner.
  • This is achieved by using documentation and referencing known Standards.
  • This includes;

Assessing the Asset Owners' objectives.


Reviewing the project specification to match the project objectives.


Aligning the sub-contractor quality systems to the specification.


Providing inspection & testing to monitor Contractor performance.


Reporting to the group during each stage of the project to communicate areas of success and non-compliance

In following these steps an Asset Owner can use the final testing & documentation as evidence to enforce compliance or claim against project insurance/warranties like Coating Surveys, and Condition assessment.

Included in their free initial consultation, RemedyAP will identify your organisations strengths. Then it’s just a matter of assessing whether there are any skills required for the project that your team doesn’t possess.

RemedyAP will then tailor a proposal to provide their consulting and inspection services to fill the skills gap.

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