Applicators & Fabricators

Applicators & Fabricators are typically the Contractors, subcontractor & sometimes the sub-contractor of the sub-contractor.

They can be small or micro businesses trying to carve out a niche in the industrial protective coatings market.

Most Applicators & Fabricators RemedyAP have worked with have good intentions and are proud of their work.

However the industries where protective coatings are typically used require a high level of documentation and compliance.

Included in their free initial consultation, RemedyAP will identify your organization's strengths. Then it's just a matter of assessing whether there are any skills required for the project that your team don't possess.

RemedyAP will then tailor a proposal to provide their NACE pipeline, painting and coating inspector services, to fill the skills gap.

This is one area where many Applicators and Fabricators don't have time or resources thus RemedyAP will help you, by;


Reviewing your Tender documentation to align with the customers "Request for Tender" (RFT) offer.


Providing an analysis of the proposed works to identify areas of project risk whether it is risk to safety, quality, environmental, contractual or cost and help deliver a "remedy" in balancing the risks.


When the Tender is won & becomes your project, RemedyAP will align your quality management systems to meet the project specification for external painting.


RemedyAP can become your Quality Assurance manager to complete; painting and coating inspections, site testing and reporting.


On completion, RemedyAP gives your Client the assurance that your works have been accredited by a third party and provides a "Statement of Compliance" as evidence of project completion.