Coating Inspectors

coating inspector justin rigby

Justin Rigby

Managing Director

NACE Certified Coating Inspector - Level 3

  • Justin has been in the building maintenance industry for over 20 years, initially starting as an apprentice and then moving on to leading hand, foreman and then Production Manager. During this time he furthered his studies in safety, sales and marketing & corrosion control. This resulted in Justin pursuing a position as sales and estimating manager - a task he performed successfully. Justin also holds many licenses for machinery, vehicles and product application.
  • With an intuitive understanding that customer service is everything, Justin has a hard won reputation for providing realistic expectations to our clients. This clear headed and upfront approach throughout the inspection process results in smoother and more efficient project management. Justin is committed to excellence focusing on delivering what is expected.

Rachelle El Zein

Coating Inspector

NACE Coating Inspector - Certified Level 1

  • Rachelle has been in the building maintenance industry for over 10 years, initially starting in the cement world. More recently she has held an operations management position with one of the coating industries largest commercial and industrial painting companies.
  • She brings a unique skillset and discipline required for the Coating Inspection industry. Rachelle has proven herself to be an essential part of our Company in her role as a coatings inspector, and is responsible for scheduling the day to day operation of our projects including OH&S.
  • Rachelle's broad range of industry experience enables her to offer our clients expert project management and she is passionate about working with difficult projects and ensuring a smooth process for both the clients and the staff.
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