Coating Inspection

What is NACE?

NACE used to be the acronym for, National Association of Corrosion Engineers but now is a global body and is now recognised as NACE International.

For over 30 years, the NACE Coating Inspector Program has set the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry and is the world's most recognized coating inspector certification program. CIP is the first international certification program designed to improve the overall quality of inspections performed, and it continues to provide the most complete training curriculum, producing top-notch inspectors for the industry.

Building on the momentum of the last 30 years and over 26,000 certified inspectors, NACE has recently enhanced the CIP learning experience with more hands-on time with new inspection methods and equipment, better graphics and video presentation as well as additional emphasis on international standards.

CIP introduces inspectors, applications, blasters, manufacturers, owner's representatives, specifiers, and technical salesmen to the basics of corrosion control, paint inspection, and project management in a way that has resulted in savings of billions of dollars in costly mistakes.

Many Owners of high risk assets request that all protective coatings be applied under the supervision of a NACE certified coating inspector.

What is Coatings Inspection?

Coatings inspection is a Quality Assurance solution to ensure protective coatings' are applied in strict accordance with a specification.

Why is this important? Many Owners of high risk assets include; water tanks, petroleum tanks, oil/gas pipelines, sewerage treatment facilities, ships and transmission towers.

These industries understand the benefits of including coatings inspection within their protective coatings projects. This is because protective coatings are designed to protect structures from corrosion for anywhere from 15 to 40 years. In this instance, we are not just talking about "painting" anymore.

In order to ensure these coatings perform for their designed life they must be applied within a strict framework of known standards that will address many specific project stages including; design, fabrication, surface defects, pre cleaning, surface preparation, surface roughness, coating types, ambient weather conditions, surface moisture, coating mixing & application, wet film thickness (WFT), dry film thickness (DFT), coating defects, coating repair methods, coating hardness, coating porosity, coating cure, etc.

RAP can assist in; galvanizing, powder coating, fiberglass, rubber linings or liquid coating.

Why You Need Our Services?

Protective coating projects involve many factors outside of simply painting.

These are projects that managed well - work well and provide the desired outcomes however when managed poorly they really expose the Owner to many cost over runs and risks that can make your head spin.


"If protective coatings are just paint, why is it so difficult to get the job done right?"

We understand this complaint and can introduce you to a range of solutions, to ensure your project gets the required outcomes & protects your reputation for project delivery.


The amount of effort an Owner puts into the planning & delivery stages of the project determines whether they will get "the job they want".

Our costs are usually recovered by the savings we achieve in;

  1. Preventing; poor workmanship, unsafe practices, disorganised planning, poor documentation.
  2. Providing; sound project appraisal, desired quality outcomes, and detailed inspection & reporting.

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